My Paper-less Journey

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Yes, it's possible to go paperless. If you're in doubt, I made a meme to inspire you:

How Do I Start?

Great Question.

My journey literally started with one step and I stuck with that one thing for months before I continued. I spend so much time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, it's really the hub of our home. So, that's where I started. 

Paper-less towels.

Now, before I get too far, I have to admit that not everyone in my family is 100% on board with everything paper-less. So, I just started with me and three simple products that I'll share with you and what brought my family into my paper-less world.

1. Paper-less Towels 

Double Flannel 12"x 12"  paper-less towels are great for everything and every mess in the kitchen. You can keep them on a roll like this, or throw them in a basket (my preferred method) and grab one to dry your hands, wipe the counter, dry produce, dry the dishes, clean up spills, to replace paper napkins and paper towels and the list goes on. I use them for everything. And when I'm done, I toss them in a hamper or a wet bag until wash day.

2. UnSponge

Say good bye to stinky throw away sponges. Seriously. Gross. I spent so much time and money on sponges I didn't like. So I decided to make my own. After a few tries, I found a hit! 

My secret weapon is really no secret - it's the hemp fleece. Super absorbent, soft and durable, and naturally antibacterial. I could go on about hemp products - they have been my favorite since I used them in cloth diapers. They have become one of my top selling items. Great size for washing dishes, cleaning, and bathing. Light scrubbing mesh over a cotton flannel, a recycled/recyclable foam core and hemp fleece. And when it gets dirty or greasy, just throw it in the wash with the towels and you have a cute, fresh and clean sponge!

3. Paper-less Napkins

I know you're wondering what the difference is between the Paper-less Towels and The Paper-less Napkins. Mainly, the size as they are a few inches smaller 8"x8", made from the same 100% Cotton flannel. 

And I saved this for last because, this is how I got my family onboard with going paper-less.

How did I do it?

I swapped out our paper dinner napkins with some adorable, bright catchy prints and they instantly grabbed for them. I even got my husband to use them and he says he loves them way better than paper napkins. They don't tear or shred, they are very absorbent and washable to reuse over and over. I also swapped out napkins in their lunches!

There are SO MANY things handmade goods in my shop that have been tested and approved by not only my family, but lots of others! I'm proud of my journey and doing a little bit to help keep paper products out of the landfill. 

If you have any questions about the products in this post, or for other ways to be eco-friendly and fit it into your lifestyle, visit me on Instagram, or send me a message Here.

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