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Farm Girl Cloth Co.

Cloth Pads

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Cloth pads are soft, comfortable, absorbent and best for your body. Ditch the scratchy, scrunchy plastic and paper pads and try some cloth pads!

+ Made with absorbent printed tops, flannel, knit or cotton (see description - Print may vary, make requests in checkout notes). 

+ Medium absorbency organic hemp fleece core - Wingless - 1 layer, With Wings - 2 layers

+ Backed with 100% polyester Anti Pill fleece. Fleece Repels moisture back into the absorbent layers. 

+ 2 styles: Snap around wings, or snap less lay in.

+ Machine washer and dryer safe (hang drying recommended) and durable fabric.

+ Zero waste standard - made with remnants and mindful of scrap waste.

How to use:

Use in place of your standard paper pad. Place the printed, absorbent side towards your body. Immediately after use, rinse by hand in cold water with a gentle soap. Store all the pads in a wet bag or wet pail.

-Wet bags are lined water resistant bags, check them out in my shop!

-Wet pails are a small bucket or box filled with cool water, a dash of detergent or soap, and optional stain fighters like baking soda, or an enzyme cleaner.

Be sure to change the wet pail daily and don't leave wet pads in the bag too long or they will surely get moldy! Never re-use a moldy pad!

To wash simply throw them in the washing machine and do a cold rinse cycle first. Then, fill the washer up with towels to make a full load, wash as usual.

Use regular detergent, no bleach, no fabric softener. 

There should be minimal, if any staining, make sure you rinse the pads after use and wash thoroughly. Pads can be re-soaked and scrubbed to help release stains.

Don't be shy - you can use them on the go too - they fit into the small wet bag, or even the sandwich/snack size bags in my shop! Just swap them out, place them in the bag and wash as soon as possible.

Sizes vary, exact measurements can be given, Most winged pads are 10 -11" long, with a 3" core area. Wingless pads are about 9 1/2" long and 2 1/2" at the contour center, 3 1/2" at the front and back.

 *No Sales Tax charged on pads*

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