Winter Holiday Paperless Cloth Kitchen Set, Unpaper towels and napkins

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Grab and Go sets for Holiday gift giving!

The Paperless Cloth Kitchen Set is a great way to grab a matching set of Paperless Towels, Paperless Napkins and an UnSponge (some special edition sets come with two sponges!).

To add on to your set, you can visit the individual products and add them to your cart as well!

Each Starter Set includes the following items:

Paperless Towels:

Ditch those paper towels and napkins! Instead, you can reach for the paper-less un-Paper alternative cloth towels and do your part to reduce waste in your home. Use in place of your standard paper towels, they fit on the same cardboard roll and stand. Or you can store them folded or tossed in a basket. 

+ 6 pack of 12"x12" 100% Cotton Flannel - 2 layers for absorbency.

+ Washer and Dryer safe! (some shrinkage may occur after first wash).

* design placement may vary.

Paperless Napkins:

100% Cotton Flannel cloth napkins are the eco-friendly alternative to all your un-paper needs: washable cloth baby wipes, family cloth, washcloths, cloth napkins, facial wipes and more!

- 6 pack of 8"x8" double layer, in the print featured in the first photo. Print placement and back color may differ on each wipe and may be different from the photograph. If you have any questions, please ask!


Handmade, washable, durable sponges that can be used and washed over and over! Do away with traditional synthetic sponges! Farm Girl UnSponges are handmade with high quality materials in cute patterns. Made from Organic Hemp/Cotton Fleece for high absorbency and soft washing surface (naturally antibacterial!), eco recycled foam to absorb and make suds, flannel or cotton print for absorbency and color, and mesh topper for gentle scrub (in white or black). Approximately 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" fits nicely in your hand, and fits in bowls and cups with ease. Be careful with knives and sharp objects that will cut the sponge!

*** Imperfect Sets will be labeled in the photo with a short description of the imperfection and sold at a discount. These sets are As-is, but always useable and can be washed/dried and used in the same way as regular sets. Imperfections may include wonky stitches, size variations beyond normal, fabric imperfections etc...***

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