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Beauty Rounds - With Organic Hemp Fleece

Beauty Rounds - With Organic Hemp Fleece

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Organic Hemp Beauty "Rounds" are a uniquely tear shaped washable and reusable make up removal and cleanser pad. Use in place of cotton balls and pads that create excess waste.

Made with cotton, velour, flannel or knit all with Organic Hemp Fleece on the back. They are absorbent, soft and easy to wash dry and re-use over and over again. You can also use them as a coaster for your electric toothbrush, or as a menstrual cup spot.

Tear Shaped, instead of round? YES, the original Beauty rounds came from the centers of Farm Girl Bibs! With my Zero Waste Standard my products are designed to reduce the waste from other projects so keep your eyes out for not only matching sets, but colorful mix and match sets as well!

Size, color and fabric may differ with each piece. 

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