Cloth Gift Bag Set

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Cloth Drawstring Gift Bag Sets

Choose from Ready to Ship cloth bag sets.

Your SET of cloth drawstring bags includes a total of 5 bags, in the following sizes:

  • Large: 17-1/2" Tall x 14" Wide. Board games, clothing boxes, blanket, shoe box.
  • Medium: 15-1/2" Tall x 12" Wide. Clothing, small electronics, 
  • Wine: 16-1/2 tall x 6" wide. For reference this bag fits a 24.5 oz bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider which is 12" tall and 10" circumference.
  • Small: 9-1/2" tall x 8" Wide. Small puzzles, action figures, small toys, party favors, food and candy.
  • XSmall: 4-1/2" tall x 5-1/2" wide. Jewelry, accessories, very small gifts, ornaments or trinkets.

*Some sizes may vary slightly based on my Zero Waste standard.

*Single Cloth Gift bags can be found HERE.

No more paper or plastic wrap for your gift giving holidays. Cloth Gift bags are a Zero Waste alternative to disposable plastic and wrapping. They come in a variety of sizes, made of 100% cotton or flannel and can be washed and dried and reused again and again! Each bag has an draw string ribbon to cinch the bag closed, or untie the ribbon and use it to tie around the top of the bag. 

Want a custom order? it takes about 7 days to make and ship an order, if you would like to request a custom order, please send me a message at .