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No toilet paper, No bidet? Maybe you just want to go green in the bathroom. NO PROBLEM!

Enjoy this all in one kit for all your potty needs! Great for all ages, including babies and toddlers!

Kit includes:

12 single layer 100% cotton flannel cloth wipes (8x8") (if the description says "Mix Up" that refers to two or more prints mixed up in the set as opposed to a full set of one print).

1 coordinating wipes wet bag. 100% flannel lined with PUL wipeable and washable water resistant lining. 

1 plastic 8 ounce peri bottle with squirt top.

Instructions on how to use your kit.

It's simple to use:

Step 1: Fill your peri bottle with warm water and take it with you to the potty.

Step 2: Do your duty on the potty

Step 3: Lean forward slightly, aim your bottle towards your behind and squirt off the dirt. To clean your lady bits, just aim from the front and squirt. 

Step 4: Get your super soft cloth and dab yourself dry. DO NOT FLUSH YOUR WIPES!

Step 5: Place your damp cloth in the wet bag and wash with towels.

*Please do not flush your cloth wipes!

Washing instructions: wash with towels or other items to make a full load - your wipes shouldn't be dirty or smelly - you squirted yourself clean, remember? If you need to do some deep cleaning, use an enzyme detergent, but don't use bleach or you will damage your wipes and bag. Wash in warm, and dry. 

To clean your peri bottle, just rinse in hot soap and water and dry between uses. You do not need to touch your body with the peri bottle or nozzle, this will be more sanitary! 

-Dry your peri bottle on one of the wipes.

- You can add an ounce of witch hazel to your peri bottle.

-You can hang your wetbag by the elastic handle on a hook or loop it around a towelbar or door knob for easy access.

- See the listing for double layer cloth wipes in my shop, they are twice as absorbent!

What are you waiting for, ditch your dry toilet paper and grab your reusable kit today!

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