Reusable Snack Bags - Farm Girl Foodie Bags

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Do away with one time use sandwich and snack bags and make the switch to Farm Girl Foodie Bags.

Food Safe PUL Fabric is Made in the USA!

PUL does not contain lead or heavy metals, BPA, Phalates, PVC, latex or migrate-able plasticizers. Safe for storing wet and dry food made from 73% polyester 27% polyurethane and CPSIA compliant.

Washer and low heat dryer safe and durable.

Do not use in microwave or for hot food.

Water resistant (not necessarily water proof).

Fold over closure is great for all ages and abilities, access food without additional snaps or zippers.

Snack Size: 6x5"

Sandwich Size: 7x7"

Utensil Size (limited availability): 9x3"

Custom orders available on request.

Also Great for, traveling wet wipes, pad wrapper, toy storage, and more!