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Soothing Salt Bath Soak with Oils and Herbs

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Made with a blend of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salts and Sea Salt herbs and essential oils. Salt baths offer relaxation, healing and rejuvenation with an abundance of minerals. Simply fill your bath with warm water and dissolve the salts in any amount directly to the bath, or use the muslin bag to catch the herbs and place it under the running water.

Aromatherapy scented options include high quality essential oils in low doses for a light, gentle scent. Salt Only, unscented option is also available.

My Soothing Salt Bath Scents include:

Restful: A Farm Girl favorite blend of Lavender + Chamomile.

Made with organic lavender buds + chamomile flowers, essential oils blend of organic lavender + German chamomile. Close your eyes and enjoy the soothing floral scents and gentle relaxation of lavender + chamomile. It's like a bath time lullaby.

Awakening: Tea Tree + Peppermint + Matcha

Made with organic green tea + organic matcha powder, essential oils blend of organic tea tree + peppermint. Rest your body, and mind while awakening your senses. Tea Tree and Peppermint are known for their ability to help sooth sore, aching muscles as well as provide antioxidants and reduce inflammation. Green Tea and Matcha gently invigorate with caffeine and more antioxidants. It's green, it's good for you.

Renewal: Rose + Geranium + Lavender.

Made with a blend of organic rose petals + lavender buds, essential oils of organic lavender + geranium. Renew your beauty with herbs known to promote soft, supple skin, relaxation and higher level vibrations. The bath time that makes you beautiful.

Healing: Calendula  + Sweet Orange

Made with organic calendula flowers + dried organic orange powder (+ whole slice) and sweet orange essential oil. The happy scent of Sweet Orange oil helps lift your mood, but still allow for deep relaxation and calendula exudes love and healing powers that heal your skin. Go ahead, smile your cares away.

Center: Salt blend only option with no essential oils or herbs. Pink Himalayan and Coarse sea salts provide tons of minerals that rejuvenate and detoxify your skin. Epsom Salts are known the world over for reducing inflammation and aide in the healing of sore, aching muscles. Bring your body back to center.

  • Handmade to order in my farmhouse kitchen. Great for all ages, All ingredients are Vegan, Creulty free and organic whenever possible.
  • Please use caution with sensitive skin do not use if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients. Discontinue use if rash or reaction occurs.
  • Strain herbs from the water after use, or use the included muslin bag. Rinse tub thoroughly after use to prevent staining or oil residue.

Each bag is 14oz by weight. Keep your salt bath in a cool dry space, reseal the package completely or transfer into a jar or sealed container for storage.

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