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Unpaper Towels | Carved Pumpkins

Unpaper Towels | Carved Pumpkins

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Unpaper Towels Pack of 6

Ditch those paper towels and napkins! Instead, you can reach for the paper-less Unpaper alternative cloth towels and do your part to reduce waste in your home. 

Unpaper Towels are made from 100% Cotton Flannel - 2 layers for absorbency, approximately 12"x12" square. They are soft and absorbent and washer and dryer safe! (some shrinkage may occur after first wash). Cloth towels become more absorbent with use and reach absorbency after about 2-3 washes.

+ Use in place of your standard paper towels, they fit on the same cardboard roll and stand. Or you can store them folded or tossed in a basket. Use in place of towels, napkins, washcloths, cleaning rags etc.

* design placement may vary.

Care instructions: Machine wash, line or tumble dry. No bleach. Wash with like colors.

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