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Wool in Two Cloth Diaper - Purple


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Wool in Two Cloth Diaper - Purple
Wool in Two Cloth Diaper - Purple
Wool in Two Cloth Diaper - Purple
Wool in Two Cloth Diaper - Purple
Wool in Two Cloth Diaper - Purple

Wool in Two - All in Two style wool diaper cover with organic flat insert.

The very best in wool diapering is right here: this wool cover is trim and light and will get you through the warm summer AND that cool winter. Upcycled from wool sweaters made from a double layer of super soft merino wool, this stretchy material makes the perfect wrap style diaper cover.

Your All in Two Diaper set comes with:
1. Wool Cloth Diaper Cover:
with 2 layers of Wool in the diaper, plus 2 additional layers in the sewn In wet zone booster.
One size 10-35+ pounds, adjustable with snaps, and has a sewn in extra booster layer inside to help trap even more wetness.
Wrap style wool diapers are convenient and can be used with the included prefold style soakers, prefolds, flats, and fitteds. 

2. Organic Tri-fold soaker.

Organic Velour and hemp fleece prefold style soaker can be laid in, or pinned on your baby for super soft against the skin absorbency. 

Additional soakers available in the shop: Trifold Hemp Soaker

Did you know?

Wool is naturally antibacterial, absorbent, all natural, breathable, durable, comfortable and water resistant when treated with lanolin.

This diaper can be be washed and treated with Lanolin before use by following the instructions included in your package. Or, check out my instagram story highlights for a video tutorial

Cover does not need to be washed after every use, if the diaper feels damp, hang to dry between uses. Wash by hand and hang to dry if it becomes soiled. If you notice any dampness coming through the diaper, it's time to re-lanolinize your diaper (every month or so). 

*This listing is for the diaper set featured in the first photo and includes one trifold soaker, all other soakers are sold separately.*

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