Beeswax Wrap Info and FAQs

Farm Girl Cloth Co. Beeswax Food Wraps are handmade, in house by me!
Sustainable sourcing with as little waste as possible is my goal. My wraps are made with 100% Cotton Fabric (organic, when available), Georgia Pine Resin (sustainably harvested from the part of the country where pine trees are plenty), organic Jojoba oil and sustainable beeswax including my own farm bees, local beekeepers and other areas in the US that have sustainable bee practices. Harvesting beeswax is part of the beekeeping process and bees are not harmed during this harvesting when it is done properly - research is key.
Helpful info and FAQ's
How to use Beeswax Food Wraps and bags
Use the warmth of your hands to activate the wrap by crumpling and scrunching into a ball. Unfold and form around your food, or container and press to seal edges. Bags can be loaded and folded, pressing down to seal.
How to clean Beeswax Wraps and bags
Wraps can be rinsed or wiped with cool water between uses. For extra cleaning, they can be gently scrubbed with biodegradable dish soap and cool water, do not soak. Air dry. 
What food can be stored?
Most of your favorite foods like cheese, fruits, breads, leftovers, sandwiches, produce, snacks and more. Beeswax wraps are not suitable for direct contact with raw meat, fish or anything with excessive bacteria growth. If in doubt, put it in a bowl and cover the bowl.
How are the wraps stored?
Lay flat, or fold in a drawer, basket or cabinet. Roll up the wrap and store upright in a jar or container. Just remember to keep away from heat sources and direct sun.
What is the purpose of a beeswax wrap?
Use in place of plastic wrap which is not recyclable, and never breaks down in the landfill. Beeswax wraps allow your food to breathe while keeping the food fresh and long lasting.
How long will the wrap last?
Wraps last about a year with good care. Wipe or shake clean between uses and only use soap when necessary. 
Can wraps go in the freezer?
YES, they can be used in the freezer, it is recommended that you bring the wrap close to room temp before you remove the wrap so the coating does not crack.
Will the wraps get stained?
The wraps are all natural and will stain if they come in contact with certain foods. If in doubt, put the food in a bowl and cover the bowl.
Can the Wraps be microwaved?
Beewax will melt at a relatively low temperature, keep the wraps away from heat sources like microwaves, stoves, toasters, irons, ovens, hot water and super hot foods. 
How long do the wraps last?
Depending on how often they are used and how many you have in your rotation the wraps typically last between 6 months and a year (maybe longer). When they are no longer sticky, they can be "refreshed" by adding more beeswax to the wrap (wrap refresh bars are coming soon so you can do a DIY fix). When you are done using the wrap, it can be cut up and composted, used as a fire starter or other creative uses.
Does it leave a residue?
New wraps may leave a slightly sticky residue on your container, it is excess beeswax mixture and can easily be removed when you use soap and water on your container and this will lessen over time.
My wrap smells like beeswax!
Yes, your wraps may smell like the ingredients used to make the wraps. The scent is natural, and not the result of plastic chemicals (which are harmful). It is recommended to wash your wrap and hang to dry and over time the scent will dissipate. 
What sizes do they come in?
XS: approx 6x6" or slightly larger (zero waste!) fits mason jar tops, jelly jars, small sauce bowls, small citrus and fruits.
SM: 8x8" fits cereal bowls, small melons and fruits, left over containers, cheese blocks, large sourdough starter jars
MD: 10x10" fits salad bowls, containers without lids, brownie pans, small sandwiches, folds into a snack pouch
LG: 12x12" fits mixing bowls, folds around produce, folds into a pouch, covers bread, casserole dishes, dinner plates
XL: 14x14" fits over casserole dishes, pans (cool to touch), large sandwich pouch, produce, large watermelons
Bags: Perfect to keep bread fresh, hold loose produce, lunch pack, and more
Flat wraps can be cut to any size with scissors, clean scissors with soap and water to remove any beeswax that may stick to them.
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