Farm Girl Kim

Kim with mini nubian goat named Lavender

Hello Friends! My name is Kim Castillo and I am the Farm Girl! With the support of my family, I run all of Farm Girl Cloth's day to day operations. From order set up to communications, making your order and preparing for shipping - I do it all by hand and I do it with love.

I have been sewing and creating for ever, but I started selling when I opened an etsy shop in 2009. I sold upcycled purses and clothing, reusable sandwich bags and lunch bags - it was a lot of fun. As my kids were making their way through babyhood, I made natural fiber cloth diapers and that went strong for many years. I was proud to have made an effort to reduce diapers in the landfill. My kids have always been my motivation for creating zero waste goods. The earth will belong to them, after all. I've come back full circle even bigger and better with a full selection of zero waste (I like to call it less waste) lifestyle goods with Farm Girl Cloth Co.

I create out of my own home, kids in tow and farm animals all around (don't worry - none of them touch my creations LOL). We run our small family farm in the foothills of San Diego, CA. Our entire farm is run on the sweet SoCal sunshine (solar power) and lots of love. 

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I share more about eco living on the farm! If you are local here in San Diego or close by, check out my blog and Events Page for In-person events!