Farm Girl's Favorite Cleaner

Farm Girl's Favorite Cleaner

Recently I did an online event that required some extra brain power. I had the whole day to post all things Farm Girl. In order to do that, I created a list of goals, incentives for buyers including freebies and chances to win. I haven't done a whole lot of virtual events besides giveaways so it certainly was a stretch for this farm girl. But I did it successfully and I don't want some of my amazing content to go unseen by all of you!

So, today, behold my favorite DIY cleaner. I've used this "recipe" off and on since my daughter was little - that's almost 11 years (goes by fast!). We clean everything from kitchen to bath, pet messes and outside bicycle washing with this formula. It's so handy. And you probably don't even need to run to the store for these two ingredients! And even better - if you do grab them at the store they are very inexpensive and easy to find. 

The two magic ingredients?

Dish Soap


White Vinegar.

This formula pairs GREAT with the Farm Girl UnSponge, and Paper-less Towels!

It's a simple recipe that the whole family can use. 

I use blue Dawn Original (not sponsored) which has major but gentle cleaning power - it cleans oil off of those poor oil spill birds, you know? You can use any dishsoap you have as long as it doesn't contain anything like bleach or other detergents that might react with vinegar.  I carefully mix the vinegar into the spray bottle, place the spray top and gently tilt the bottle back and forth so it doesn't make suds. The diluted dish soap still produces a small amount of suds, make sure you use it sparingly on counter tops and other surfaces where you need to wipe it clean with plain water. But cleaning sinks, bath tubs, dishes, and cutting boards, spritz away and rinse it down. It removes soap scum and hard water spots (after a soak) and gets crusty food and grease off my pans and makes it so much easier to clean. 

I hope you all try this DIY, eco friendly (especially if you use eco dish soap) cleaner before going out to buy expensive chemical cleaners. 




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