Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New

Bye Bye 2020! Have you seen the SALE going on in the shop? There are some amazing deals right now all the way through January 4th (that's my birthday so I thought it would be a good stopping point before I do a big giveaway!)

You can save 25% (or more on top of all ready reduced items) - no code necessary - it automatically comes off your total in the cart. The only things that are not included are the already discounted Aprons and Dolls and the Gift Cards. 

With all that, I'm going to let you in on a little bit of a secret. I will be discontinuing and revamping some of the items that I currently carry. They are DEEPLY DISCOUNTED right now and I made a special clearance section so you can easily find them!

Items that are being discontinued: 

Cloth TP Kits: I released these kits in the spring, at the start of the pandemic. At the time, I sold several kits and they were awesome as a grab and go item! I love to offer things as they are needed and I really love these kits. I'm sure at some point they will be back. But, for now I will not be making anymore in the near future. Grab them while you can ON SALE for $20, plus an additional $25% off ($15). 

PUL Snack Bags: Let me explain... this ITEM isn't going away for good, BUT the PUL fabric offering is going away. Up until last year, I was able to purchase super high quality, made in the USA, wholesale priced PUL fabric. Unfortunately they closed up shop and I can't get the same reliable fabric that I know is safe. I do however have a HUGE amount of plain white PUL fabric from this source and I will be making a change to how this item is made. So, it's getting a really big makeover leaving the remaining PUL printed bags on SUPER SALE, with the 25% code, you can't beat it. Stock up my friends, they are one of the most eco friendly alternatives out there when it comes to zero waste food storage and to-go food options!!!

Items getting a makeover:

Organic Hemp Fleece Bibs: They used to be my top seller when I was a baby centered shop. Now that I appeal to a broader audience, they aren't as popular. They are not going away, but I am going back to my original standard bib shape, and offering them in gift sets. The remaining bandana style are on sale 1/2 off at $6 each, plus an additional 25% off - that is ROCK BOTTOM pricing! 

Wet Bags: Finally... in the Spring, I will be releasing a new version of my wet bag. Due to popular demand, you will be getting a bigger and better bag! AND it will come with a divider for wet/dirty items and dry/clean items! It will be an awesome upgrade that I'm finally getting to after years of having it on my list! Until then you can find ALL the wet bags on CLEARANCE

And, if you're still reading I just want to say, THANK YOU for everything in 2020. I was devastated when I realized I wouldn't be able to do any in-person events - it's a HUGE chunk of my business. But every single one of you stepped up in so many ways and made a huge difference. I donated hundreds of face masks all over the country, pushed myself to make my products better, improved my shipping times and packaging, and I even did some LIVE online appearances which included a webinar for ILACSD.org . I grew so much as a person, and as a business coming further out of my comfort zone in a direction that I didn't think I needed to go! I am so grateful and fulfilled in this aspect and I hang on to that love as we head into 2021 with so much hope. I send you all blessings on your new year!

Love, Kim

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