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Farm Girl Cloth Co.

Soothing Eye Pillow

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Organic, soothing and relaxing weight for your eyes and face will make you feel like you are relaxing in a luxurious spa.

Farm Girl Eye pillows have a hand dyed, washable, Organic Cotton Velour cover.

Use the drop down menu to view available Hand Dyed colors. 

+ Super soft and smooth Eye pillow with light scent from real organic Lavender flowers.

+ The inside pouch is filled with Flax Seed and Lavender flowers.

+ Use hot or cold, simply put the inner pouch in the freezer, or carefully heat in the microwave in 10 second intervals. Slip it back in the cover and place it over your face. Test the temperature of the eye mask before placing it on your face!

+ Cover is washable, do not wash the flax seed pouch. 

+ Light scent from the flowers when heated - you can add your own essential oils onto the pouch.

+ Makes a great gift for Valentines Day,  Mother's Day, Baby Shower, Father's day, Birthdays and more!

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