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Reusable Mop and Duster Cloths

Reusable Mop and Duster Cloths

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Ditch those one-time-use synthetic mop cloths and replace them with washable and reusable mop and duster cloths.  They fit standard size 4 1/2" wide by 10" long flat mop head with the press fit holes, (may also fit larger sizes use measurements to verify.) You will receive 2 mop cloths in surprise prints.

Cloths are 100% Cotton 12x12 double layer flannel with a terry cloth pad to help trap dust and dirt. They are soft and absorbent and will not scratch surfaces. Use wet or dry. 

*These cloths are made to press fit into sweepers and dust mops (like Swiffer) if you have an issue, rubber bands can be used to secure the cloth in place.  In addition, snaps can be added to the cloth, please send me a message at checkout and let me know the width of your mop.

Care and handling:

Wash in any warm water, with your favorite detergent. No bleach (will cause fading), gentle iron and machine or hang dry (some shrinking will occur). 

DIY Cleaning Solution:

Looking for a home made cleaner that's eco friendly? Try this recipe:

1 Spray Bottle (empty and clean)

Castille Liquid Soap (like Dr. Bronners) scented or unscented

Optional: essential oils like pine, lemon, or tea tree

Directions: for every 8 ounces (1 cup) of water, add 1/2 tsp (aka: a squirt) of Castille Soap (add more or less depending on the hardness of your water). Add optional essential oils (make sure they are safe for the surface you are cleaning) one drop at a time to your liking. Mix solution by tilting the spray bottle gently so you don't create suds. Spray on the surface and wipe with a clean dry cloth. This solution is general purpose and can be used on many different surfaces, but always check to make sure that your surface is compatible with the ingredients in the solution.




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